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You don’t have to live with chronic pain. Restore your back to good health and live again without pain with a chiropractic treatment plan at Northern Lights Chiropractic in Watertown, NY. Our experienced chiropractors are passionate about helping you reduce and ultimately eliminate muscle strain, neck pain and chronic back pain due to stress and work injuries. If you suffer from congenital or degenerative musculoskeletal ailments, our chiropractors create personalized plans to increase mobility and decrease joint deterioration.

With over 15 years’ experience, you can trust Drs. Rebecca Kashmiri, Pamela Thompson and Tom McAulliffe have a chiropractic solution to your pain. They constantly expound on their expertise, continually educating themselves on the most effective chiropractic treatments to offer you.



Make a commitment to feel better than you’ve ever felt. Northern Lights Chiropractic offers cold laser treatments, spinal decompression and other rehabilitative treatments. Combat stress, fatigue, chronic pain and the signs of an aging body.
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Most conditions people suffer and treat with medications can be tied to a daily activity. Poor sleep, muscle pain migraines, carpel tunnel, bad knees and rotator cuffs can be alleviated by chiropractic treatments and reconditioning. We believe in your body’s ability to holistically heal itself. Our goal is to reduce your stress and simultaneously reduce your dependency on pain medications. We specialize in non-aggressive low-force chiropractic care. You will find our treatments gentle but effective in our comfortable and welcoming environment.


You are a unique being, so our treatments and solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Your treatment plan will be custom-tailored to your body for the best results you can achieve. Our knowledgeable staff is totally committed to your care. Contact us at 315-782-7166 to schedule a consultation. We can accept most major insurance plans and workers compensation insurance as well for your convenience.
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